Arm Wrestling: Michael Toscano vs Nick Walker (Bodybuilder vs Bodybuilder)

Arm Wrestling: Bodybuilder vs Bodybuilder


After bodybuilders Michael Toscano and Nick Walker filmed their chest and arms training video, they accepted a STRENGTHNET Arm Wrestling challenge. Michael was several weeks out from NPC Nationals. Nick had already started his off-season, but he still looked impressive, especially with 21 inch arms. They had three matches right-handed and three matches left-handed.

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  • I competed in arm wrestling for 10 years. I generally give them tips to avoid injuries. Some of them will go 100% if they feel totally comfortable. The only time that really requires caution is if a bodybuilder is getting ready to compete or has just competed. At that time, they have very little fluid in their joints. That could lead to an injury if they started a match at full force. Those times, I’ll have them start slowly and build up to full strength. A good example of that is when Anthoneil and Tristen arm wrestled. They started slow. Anthoneil pulled Tristen down, and Tristen then pulled him back and won.

Adam Silver

Adam Silver is the President of STRENGTHNET. Before starting his sports modeling agency in New York City, Adam was an athletic trainer and strength coach as well as a personal trainer.