Arm Wrestling: Michael Toscano vs Nick Walker (Bodybuilder vs Bodybuilder)

Arm Wrestling: Bodybuilder vs Bodybuilder


After bodybuilders Michael Toscano and Nick Walker filmed their chest and arms training video, they accepted a STRENGTHNET Arm Wrestling challenge. Michael was several weeks out from NPC Nationals. Nick had already started his off-season, but he still looked impressive, especially with 21 inch arms. They had three matches right-handed and three matches left-handed.

Watch the bodybuilder vs bodybuilder showdown now!

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  1. I competed in arm wrestling for 10 years. I generally give them tips to avoid injuries. Some of them will go 100% if they feel totally comfortable. The only time that really requires caution is if a bodybuilder is getting ready to compete or has just competed. At that time, they have very little fluid in their joints. That could lead to an injury if they started a match at full force. Those times, I’ll have them start slowly and build up to full strength. A good example of that is when Anthoneil and Tristen arm wrestled. They started slow. Anthoneil pulled Tristen down, and Tristen then pulled him back and won.

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