Arm Wrestling: Pro Bodybuilder Tristen Escolastico vs Jason the Construction Worker

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Arm Wrestling: IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Tristen Escolastico vs Jason The Construction Worker


IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Tristen Escolastico is an incredibly strong bodybuilder able to hammer curl upwards of 120 lb dumbbells. He’s right-handed and has never been beaten in arm wrestling.

Jason, a 6’7” tall construction worker with incredible strength, called out Tristen to arm wrestle after seeing Tristen beat fellow IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Anthoneil, right-handed, on our YouTube channel called STRENGTHNET. Jason is left-handed, so he made sure to challenge Tristen right-handed and left-handed.

This feature includes an interview with both Tristen and Jason and shows clips from past arm wrestling matches involving both Tristen as a teen bodybuilder through becoming a professional bodybuilder as well as Jason’s matches with Anthoneil.

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