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Personal Trainer

About Anthony Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez started playing sports at a young age. His father was a professional BMX racer and got Anthony involved in BMX at the age of five. Anthony also got into other extreme sports including skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding. One thing that stood out was that Anthony’s father got him into weight training.

After seeing professional bodybuilder Lee Priest on an old cover of Muscular Development, Anthony knew he wanted to get into bodybuilding. Around age 12, he started training in his backyard. At age 13, Anthony’s father got him a weight set with a weight bench and squat rack.

Back in 2014, Anthony started to compete in Men’s Physique. He took 1st place and hasn’t looked back.

Sports Played

  • MMA
  • BMX

Physical Stats

Height 5'11"
Weight (Competition) 200 lbs
Weight (Off-Season) 225 lbs
Chest 44.5"
Waist 32"
Biceps 19"
Forearms 14.5"
Quads 26"
Calves 18"
Handedness Right

Strength Stats

Bench Press (Max) 405 lbs
Bench Press (Reps) 315 lbs x 8
Squat (Max) 495 lbs
DB Press (Reps) 150 lbs x 3
Military Press (Reps) 185 lbs x 8
Barbell Curl (Max) 185 lbs
Barbell Curl (Reps) 135 lbs x 8
Alt DB Curls (Reps) 50 lbs x 15
Hammer Curl (Reps) 85 lbs x 10
Leg Press (Reps) 720 lbs x 30

Bodybuilding Competition History

Year Competition Division Class Placing
2017 NPC USA Championships Men's Physique Class F 7th Place
2016 NPC Tahoe Show Men's Physique Class F 1st Place Overall Champion
2015 NPC Nevada State Championships Men's Physique Class F 1st Place
2014 NPC Best of the West Classic Novice Men's Physique 1st Place Overall Champion

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