Montreal, Quebec
Professional Bodybuilder & Personal Trainer

About IFBB Pro Henri-Pierre Ano

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Henri-Pierre Ano, known by friends as “HP,” grew up in Montreal, Quebec. He was an athlete at a young age getting into ice hockey like many of the youth in Canada. HP always had great shape. When he was 14 years old, playing hockey, his teammates would always comment on his shape, even though he wasn’t working out with weights.

When HP turned 25, he got into bodybuilding with the help of his coach, Larry Vinette, also an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. After several years of competing, HP won his bodybuilding pro card at the 2013 Canadian Nationals. With Arnold Schwarzenegger complaining about the distended abdomens that have come about with the extreme mass of some professional bodybuilders, an aesthetic physique like HP’s will certainly change the face of bodybuilding for the better.

Sports Played

  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer

Physical Stats

Height 6'1"
Weight (Competition) 260 lbs
Weight (Off-Season) 300 lbs
Chest 58"
Waist 32"
Biceps 22.5"
Forearms 17"
Quads 32"
Calves 19"
Handedness Right
Level Length 20"

Strength Stats

Bench Press (Max) 505 lbs
Bench Press (Reps) 405 lbs x 8
Squat (Max) 505 lbs
Deadlift (Max) 675 lbs
Deadlift (Reps) 495 lbs x 6
DB Press (Reps) 200 lbs x 8
Barbell Curl (Max) 225 lbs
Barbell Curl (Reps) 185 lbs x 4
Alt DB Curls (Reps) 100 lbs x 6
Hammer Curl (Reps) 120 lbs x 6
DB Shoulder Press (Reps) 140 lbs x 8

Bodybuilding Competition History

Year Competition Division Class Placing
2015 Atlantic City Europa IFBB Pro Men 8th
2015 Wings of Strength Texas IFBB Pro Men 7th
2015 Toronto Pro IFBB Pro Men 10th
2015 New York Pro IFBB Pro Men 4th
2014 Toronto Pro IFBB Pro Men 10th
2014 New York Pro IFBB Pro Men 13th
2013 Canadian Nationals Men's Bodybuilding Super Heavyweight 1st Pro Card
2012 Canadian Nationals Men's Bodybuilding Super Heavyweight 7th
2008 Championat Provincial Men's Bodybuilding Heavyweight 4th

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