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CEO aXethetic physiques LLC and Personal Trainer

About IFBB Pro Axel Alvarez

In Axel’s own words…

I’m a United States Marines Veteran, 5-years active duty in security forces and Infantry and a certified personal trainer. I’m the CEO of aXethetic physiques LLC online coaching, contest preparation and personal training. My ultimate goal is to open my very own gym.

A little bit of myself… I moved a lot when I was younger. I grew up in Puerto Rico and found myself more stable when I moved back there. I loved sports growing up, and I was dedicated to playing baseball. I never really went to the gym in my younger days, but I was very active and athletic playing sports all the time. One thing I always did growing up was pushups, lots and lots of pushups.

My journey in the fitness industry all started my second year in the Marines. I was on deployment, and I started working out in an old rusty gym that was at the base. It’s what kept my mind off work, stress and distractions from problems back home. I looked forward to getting off post to get that two hours of freedom in the gym. Never would have thought I’d be where I am now. I fell in love with lifting and the process, as I noticed my body develop more and more with time. It wasn’t until my last year in the military when I decided to compete. I contacted Terry Placker CEO (head coach) of Team Fidelis, who is now not just my nutrition coach but became one of my best friends. When I first started competing, I didn’t know If I had what it took to win. I was hard on myself and always have been. My first show was a very hard prep for me, since I was still living in the military government quarters aka the barracks, which had no kitchen. There was a mini fridge and a microwave, which was also the bathroom as funny as that sounds. Gotta love the good old Marine Corps! I had to adapt and overcome to the situation in order to make my goals and dream come true, becoming an IFBB PROFESSIONAL athlete. So, I went and got a rice maker, skillet and George Foreman Grill, and I started prepping just like that. The fridge was like 3 feet tall, so keep in mind I can’t fit too much food in there. It was constant cooking and prepping.

My first show was the NPC John Lindsay Productions San Diego Championships, March 2014, where I took overall novice and 1st place open. Taking a 4 month break to rebuild and work on my weak areas, I did the NPC LA Championships taking 1st place open followed by the USAs in Las Vegas a week after in July 2014, where I earned my IFBB PRO card. Now, I transitioned to classic physique as I believe it fits my physique better, and it’s closer to who I am. I want to grow, and I love to train legs, so when this category came out, I saw it as a blessing with big opportunities. The goal this year is to make it to the Olympia and just keep improving my physique and as an all-around athlete.

Sports Played

  • Baseball
  • Football

Physical Stats

Height 5'8"
Weight (Competition) 185 lbs
Weight (Off-Season) 210 lbs
Handedness Right

Strength Stats

Bench Press (Max) 435 lbs
Bench Press (Reps) 315 lbs x 10
Squat (Max) 465 lbs
Deadlift (Max) 525 lbs

Bodybuilding Competition History

Year Competition Division Class Placing
2016 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro Classic Physique Pro 3rd
2016 IFBB New York Pro Classic Physique Pro 5th
2014 IFBB Felicia Romero Pro Classic Physique Pro 3rd
2014 NPC USA Championships Men's Physique Class A 2nd Pro Card
2014 NPC San Diego Championships Men's Physique Open Class B 1st
2014 NPC San Diego Championships Men's Physique Novice Class B 1st Overall Champion

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