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US Navy

About IFBB Pro Dwayne Quamina

Dwayne Quamina has served the United States in the Navy for more than 11 years. He hails from Trinidad where he played sports including cricket and soccer as well as running. When he came to the US, he started swimming and excelled in it.

After joining the Navy, Dwayne was sent to Japan for his second duty station. While there, he had a terrible car accident and injured a Japanese man breaking his leg and fracturing his skull. Dwayne got caught up in the Japanese legal system and nearly had to serve three years in jail. Considering this fate, Dwayne started drinking heavily and fighting.

A guy at work saw him going down a dark path and convinced him there was another way to deal with the stress. This man got Dwayne into working out and then bodybuilding. After a few years of competing, Dwayne became an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder at the 2016 NPC USA where he competed as a lightweight.

Sports Played

  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Soccer

Physical Stats

Height 5'4"
Weight (Competition) 195 lbs
Weight (Off-Season) 220 lbs
Waist 27
Biceps 20
Forearms 17
Quads 28
Calves 18
Handedness Right

Strength Stats

Bench Press (Max) 455 lbs
Bench Press (Reps) 405 lbs x 5
Squat (Max) 605 lbs
Deadlift (Max) 635 lbs
Deadlift (Reps) 600 lbs x 2
DB Press (Reps) 150 lbs x 6
Military Press (Reps) 275 lbs x 5
Barbell Curl (Reps) 135 lbs x 10
Alt DB Curls (Reps) 70 lbs x 10
Hammer Curl (Reps) 120 lbs x 10
DB Shoulder Press (Reps) 120 lbs x 10
Leg Press (Reps) 1200 lbs x 10

Bodybuilding Competition History

Year Competition Division Class Placing
2017 IFBB Phoenix Europa Men's Bodybuilding 212 Pro Bodybuilding 1st Place
2016 NPC USA Championships Men's Bodybuilding Lightweight 1st Place Pro Card
2016 NPC Washington State Championships Men's Bodybuilding Lightweight 1st Place
2014 NPC USA Championships Men's Bodybuilding Lightweight 2nd Place
2014 NPC Oregon Ironman Men's Bodybuilding Lightweight 1st Place
2014 NPC Empire Classic Men's Bodybuilding Lightweight 1st Place Overall Champion
2014 NPC Emerald Cup Men's Bodybuilding Lightweight 1st Place
2013 NPC Night of Champions Men's Bodybuilding Lightweight 4th Place

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