Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist

About John Hirka

Being active…every day, of every week, of every month, of every year. It is how I have always lived my life. It is a lifestyle, not a scheduled event or workout. It isn’t a specific commitment or goal that needs to be set. It is simply a relentless approach to explore my horizons, find my boundaries, and shatter them every single day. This is what fitness is to me and what ultimately defines success in the industry be it bodybuilding, crossfit, athletics and life in general.

I grew up a multi-sport athlete and always chose the healthy path, eating whole foods, living outdoors, and exploring everything the world have to offer. For me, it was simple. For others, there may need to be a conscious decision and effort made to do the same. The important thing is that this lifestyle, this mindset, created the foundation for me to excel in all areas of fitness and enjoy every single moment of life along with it.

This same curiosity for life has introduced me to aspects of the world I would have never known. To summarize, my college experience involved me almost being a Teacher, then an Occupational Therapist, then a Police Officer, and finally, landed me a job with the world’s leading public figure protection agency. Now, I am back in the world of personal training with a fresh mindset and proven set of skills.

My desire to enter the market of fitness is the product of years and years of experience, as well as watching the world sadly cling on to the latest trends, methods, and expert opinions all over the media. It seems most people develop tunnel vision in regards to their goals–build muscle, burn fat, run faster, run longer, etc.—and simply disregard the importance of overall health and performance. My personal training regimen is hardly structured–I suppose you can call it “controlled chaos”–and that is why it works. I take from all athletic and training disciplines and incorporate it into weekly workouts. Some days I train heavy. Some days I condition myself utilizing cross-fit, and other days I’ll take a 10-mile hike and 20-mile bike ride. It is essential to keeping a fresh mindset and allowing oneself to fully develop their abilities. When this variety is embraced and applied with a constant desire for more, the possibilities are endless….and it is fun as hell!!!

Sports Played

  • Wrestling
  • Football
  • Baseball

Physical Stats

Height 6'0"
Weight (Competition) 190 lbs
Weight (Off-Season) 210 lbs
Chest 44"
Waist 34"
Biceps 18"
Handedness Right

Strength Stats

Bench Press (Max) 355 lbs
Bench Press (Reps) 225 lbs x 25
Squat (Max) 405 lbs
Deadlift (Max) 455 lbs
Deadlift (Reps) 315 lbs x 15
DB Press (Reps) 100 lbs x 20
Alt DB Curls (Reps) 60 lbs x 10
Hammer Curl (Reps) 80 lbs x 10

Bodybuilding Competition History

Year Competition Division Class Placing
2015 NPC Illinois State Men's Physique D 4th

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