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About Zach Barkauskas (aka ZachBoss)

Growing up, Zach got into weight training through his father. As he got bigger and stronger, Zach got into sports. His primary sports were soccer, football and ice hockey. Zach’s strongest sport was football, but he felt that Canada didn’t have the best path for football.

Zach soon took a liking to physique sports and ended up competing as a Muscle Model in the WBFF. After two years and being exposed to Men’s Physique at the Olympia, Zach switched over to the ABBA in Canada and started competing in Men’s Physique. The downside for Zach is that he has amazing legs, and the board shorts in Men’s Physique covers his legs.

Lucky for him, Classic Physique was born, which is perfect for him. He’s not going to get as huge as a bodybuilder, since he’s 6’3″ tall, but he has a lot of muscle, and now he can show it all.

Sports Played

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey

Physical Stats

Height 6'3"
Weight (Competition) 225 lbs
Weight (Off-Season) 245 lbs
Biceps 19"
Handedness Right

Strength Stats

Bench Press (Max) 455 lbs
Bench Press (Reps) 315 lbs x 12
Squat (Max) 585 lbs
Deadlift (Max) 675 lbs
Deadlift (Reps) 455 lbs x 8
DB Press (Reps) 150 lbs x 10
Military Press (Reps) 185 lbs x 8
Barbell Curl (Max) 185 lbs
Barbell Curl (Reps) 135 lbs x 10
Alt DB Curls (Reps) 80 lbs x 10
Hammer Curl (Reps) 100 lbs x 10
DB Shoulder Press (Reps) 110 lbs x 10
Leg Press (Reps) 800 lbs x 10

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