Personal Announcement

I wanted to address the members of the website as well as STRENGTHNET fans. Over the past month, there hasn’t been as much content coming out as expected. As some of you know, I owned a sports and athletic model management company called Silver Model Management in New York City. I sold the company in late September to another agency. I went to work for that agency.

For many reason including the longer than expected hours as well as the responsibilities I have with, I decided to resign from the agency. Although I will be doing video production work for other companies, I will have a lot of time for

I have a couple great updates coming out starting tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Personal Announcement”

  1. Please don’t worry Adam, the content will come when it comes, and I’m sure it will be well worth waiting for as always. If we get on average one new addition a week that will still be more than many pay sites provide!

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