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Arm Wrestling: Joe Russo vs Brett Azar (Bodybuilder vs Stuntman)

IFBB Pro Joe Russo

NPC National-Level Bodybuilder Joe Russo, 5’11” tall weighing 212 lbs, flew into New York to shoot a training video two weeks out from his bodybuilding show, the 2017 NPC Jr Nationals. He is super-ripped in this video, and he has some of the best arms on measuring 20.5 inches. He takes on actor and professional stuntman, Brett Azar, who stands 6’2″ tall and weighs 240 lbs. Brett is one big, strong dude. They arm wrestle right-handed and left-handed. Brett has rarely been beaten right-handed, and he’s never been beaten left-handed.

arm wrestling armwrestling bodybuilder

Arm Wrestling

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