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Arm Wrestling: Nick Medici vs Christian Salcedo (Bodybuilder vs Bodybuilder)

Sometimes you just have to know. Who would win in a bodybuilder vs bodybuilder arm wrestling showdown between two powerful bodybuilders. Nick Medici was the Teen National Bodybuilding Champion back in 2010, and soon after this video was shot, he became an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder. Nick is known for his incredible upper body strength including incline benching 420 lbs for reps and curling 100 lb dumbbells. Nick is also ripped to shreds in preparation for a major bodybuilding show just a couple weeks away.

Christian Salcedo, a national-level heavyweight bodybuilder, has strength that nearly matches Nick’s with a 450 lb bench press and curls with 90 lb dumbbells. Christian has the advantage of some experience with arm wrestling, and he outweighs Nick by 40 lbs, mainly because he’s in off-season for bodybuilding.

Nick hits a few poses after the match.

arm wrestling armwrestling bodybuilder

Arm Wrestling

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