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Massive Bodybuilder IFBB Pro James Hollingshead Trains Heavy Chest, Back and Biceps

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder James Hollingshead is one of the strongest bodybuilders competing today. He’s 5’11” tall, and in this video, he weights 283 lbs with 22″ arms in his off-season. He stays lean in his off-season showing a relatively ripped physique, but his strength is unbelievable. On the flat bench, he works his way up to 573 lbs / 260 kg. He also trains deadlifts in this video and works his way up to 794 lbs / 360 kg. He throws in some biceps at the end of his workout and easily reps 79 lb / 36 kg dumbbells. He finishes the video with some bodybuilding poses and an impromptu arm wrestling showdown with his training partner Julian McKerrow, a very strong champion powerlifter.

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Arm Wrestling Bodybuilding

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