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NPC Natural Power Bodybuilder Oluseye “Osi” Osinowo Trains Back 6 Weeks Out from 2018 NPC John Kemper Classic

Oluseye Osinowo

NPC Natural Power Bodybuilder Oluseye “Osi” Osinowo trains heavy back six weeks out from 2018 NPC John Kemper Classic. He’s 6′ tall and weighs 230 lbs and has been an athlete his entire life. His first love is football, but for now, he competes in bodybuilding and lifts enormous amounts of weight. He takes you through a grueling back workout starting with rack pulls going up to 765 lbs. Osi is always in good shape, so you’ll see him training heavy a shredded physique.

back barbell rows bodybuilder bodybuilding dumbbell rows lat pulldown rack pulls t-bar rows


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