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Classic Physique Athlete Anthony Sanchez Full-Body Training Session the Day After the 2017 NPC USA

Anthony Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez takes you through a full-body training session the day after he competed at the 2017 NPC USA. Anthony has been competing in Men’s Physique so far, but as you can see, he has awesome, muscular development. His arms are 19 inches and are ripped to the bone.

Moving forward, he’ll be competing in Classic Physique. In this video, you’ll see him training all the major body parts. Anthony trains intensely and pushes through the pain for maximum pump.

arms back barbell curls biceps bodybuilder bodybuilding cable rows chest delts hammer curls incline dumbbell press leg extensions legs physique pull-ups quadriceps quads shoulders side lateral raises triceps triceps pushdowns


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