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Teen Bodybuilder Eddy Katsnelson Trains Arms 1-Week Out from the 2017 NPC Teen National Bodybuilding Championships

Eddy Katsnelson

Teen Bodybuilder Eddy Katsnelson trains biceps and triceps one week out from the 2017 NPC Teen National Bodybuilding Championships. Eddy started training for bodybuilding three years ago at 16 years old. He had already built a great body from boxing and weight training throughout his youth. Oscar Arden was his first coach for his first show. Soon after, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Dominick Cardone, took Eddy under his wing and helped him build the body he has today. Eddy takes you through some of his favorite arm building exercises to show you how he built 19+ inch arms at 19 years old.

arms barbell curls biceps bodybuilder bodybuilding dips hammer curls lying dumbbell triceps extensions rope triceps pushdowns single-arm cable curls triceps triceps pushdowns


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